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Ready, Set. Go! Why Makeup Sets Make the Best Gifts Year Round

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Whoever said "diamonds are a girl's best friend" obviously never gave anyone a makeup set as a gift. Makeup sets are one of the best presents you can get a woman.

Whether you're looking for the ideal Christmas gift for your sister or a unique birthday present for your special lady, you've got to take a look at her makeup bag and see what's missing. Maybe she needs a new eye palette.

Maybe she's been getting into lipstick lately or trying new ways to highlight and set her makeup.

Maybe, this all sounds like a bunch of gibberish to you! Not to worry - even if you don't know the first thing about makeup, you can easily find the right set for your loved one.

Here's why you should choose this as your go-to gift the next time a special occasion rolls around.

1. There's No Such Thing As Too Much Makeup

While it is possible for a person to wear too much makeup at once, there's no such thing as owning too much makeup.

The more that a girl can choose between different eyeshadow colors and lipstick shades, the better. It makes her whole makeup routine more enjoyable and gives her a lot of room for creative expression, too.

Not to mention, she'll find genuine joy in opening up her new makeup kit and discovering what pieces she can add to her collection.

This is especially true if you get her a variety kit with a bit of everything - like something for her eyes, her highlight, and her lips.

2. It's Always Good to Have a Backup

The only hesitation that some people have about buying makeup sets as gifts is the possibility of giving their loved one a second version of what they already have. But, this is actually a good thing!

Nothing ruins a girl's day like running out of her favorite eyeliner while getting ready or having her lipstick melt in her car. If she can open her new makeup kit to find the perfect replacement, though, her day - and makeup routine - don't have to miss a beat.

Plus, you get to be the hero of the story as the person who ensured she had a backup in case of a serious makeup malfunction.

3. New Sets Encourage the Creation of New Styles

When you buy someone a makeup set, you're not just giving them new brushes, creams, or palettes. You're giving them the chance to expand what their definition of makeup is.

Everyone has a go-to routine they use for day to day looks. They have a certain way that they blend, set, and style every single piece of makeup they use. When you add something new to their mix, you're encouraging them to go beyond the basics.

You may be giving the woman in your life the tools she needs to finally perfect winged eyeliner or to discover her new favorite lip shade. You might randomly buy the perfect highlight for your significant other without even knowing it.

There's no telling what kind of doors will open in her mind once she opens her set and gets in front of the mirror. But, it's pretty cool that you get to be the catalyst behind her new makeup style.

She'll appreciate you for it as she explores all the new possibilities you've provided her with, and you'll come to identify some new go-to makeup items of hers for future gift-giving purposes.

4. Makeup Sets Are Gifts That Keep on Giving

Think about all the gifts you've gotten your sister/girlfriend/wife before that she's loved one day and forgotten about the next. Unfortunately, this happens all too often with gifts.

For example, pieces of jewelry can easily be lost. Clothes can be stained and home decor items broken, too. Even gifts like high-end dinners and fun experiences are nice and all, but you're only able to enjoy them once.

Makeup sets are a little different. These gifts keep on giving because they're not as easy to misplace, and they're sure to last a long time.

Once a woman gets a new makeup set in her hand, she immediately adds it to her collection and starts using it on a regular basis.

If the set happens to come from you, you'll be at the front of her mind whenever she reaches for her new makeup brush or decides to put on a fun eyeliner color included in your gift.

5. You'll Get Major Brownie Points

As much as gifts are about bringing joy to the receiver, it's smart to use them as a way to earn brownie points for yourself.

This is a gift that's sure to wow whoever you decide to give it to. It's an item that will continue to bring her joy long after her graduation day ends or her birthday is over.

Not to mention, she'll appreciate the fact that you went above and beyond the typical gifts she may be used to getting. It's no secret that women love flowers, chocolates, and, yes, jewelry.

But sometimes, it's worth thinking about what your special lady truly enjoys and getting her a something that aligns with that. If she's the kind of person who's always dressed well and likes to look her best, a makeup set is an ideal gift.

How to Choose the Right Makeup Sets for Your Fabulous Friends

It's one thing to realize a makeup set could be a great gift idea, but it's another story to find the perfect makeup set for your best friend, family member, or romantic partner.

Luckily, you don't have to go back and forth comparing different makeup sets to find the perfect gift. All you have to do is browse our cosmetics section!

Click here to see everything we have to offer from liquid eyeliner to face palettes and create a one-of-a-kind makeup set for your loved one.