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Hot Hair, Don't Care: 7 Cute Hairstyles You Can Do at Home (And the Products That Make Them Happen)

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Hot Hair, Don't Care: 7 Cute Hairstyles You Can Do at Home

Your hair is one of your greatest accessories, and you don't need a full-time beauty team to keep it looking great. Try these cute hairstyles at home.

We all want that "just left the salon" look on the daily. But when life, and the constant use of your snooze button, leaves you with zero time, how are you supposed to manage it?

The great news is, you don't have to have gobs of time and crazy good hair skills to get cute hairstyles every day. All you need is the right products and a few tricks up your sleeve.

Want to know how it's done? Let's look at seven easy and cute hairstyles you can do at home.

Sleek Ponytail

It doesn't get much more classic than a sleek ponytail. From running errands to a night on the town, this hairstyle is as versatile as it is easy to do.

Start with smooth hair by using a hair straightener. Applying a heat protectant, like Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique Crème, beforehand will keep your hair soft and safe from heat damage.

Use a brush to help gather your hair into a ponytail below the crown of your head. The brush will keep your hair sleek.

Secure the ponytail with a hair tie. Then use the brush again to tame any flyaways. Finish with Kerastase Gloss Appeal to add shine and give your sleek ponytail a sophisticated look.

Bonus tip: To make your ponytail look voluptuous, split your ponytail into two halves (a top and bottom section). Attach a small hair clip the color of your hair between the sections, into the base. Cover the clip with the top section of your ponytail.

Boom - instant volume!

Spiky Pixie

Just because you have a short hairstyle doesn't mean you can't mix up your look. If you've got a pixie cut, give it some edge with a spiky style.

Blow dry your hair smooth with a small, round brush. By running the brush straight through your hair instead of rolling it through, it will create a sleeker look.

Using your hands, run molding paste, like Eufora Hero Molding Paste, through your hair, creating as much edge and spikes as you like.

Add some shine with Eufora Style Illuminate Shine Mist to give your sassy style a bit of eye-catching sheen.

Chic Side Bun

Everybody is wearing a messy bun these days. Why not dare to be different and add a little chicness in while you're at it? This sexy side chignon is always in style.

Using a large barrel curling iron, create big waves to give your hair some movement. Then gather your hair into a low ponytail behind your right or left ear and secure it with a hair tie.

Now it's time to add some texture and volume. Backcomb your ponytail and spray with Kerastase VIP Volume in Powder Spray to add even more body.

Split the ponytail into two pigtails. Then twist and pin the sections around into a bun, keeping it as disheveled or smooth as you like. Spray with Kerastase Style Laque Noire to finish it off with a strong hold.

Beachy Waves

No matter what length your hair is, everyone looks great in soft, beachy waves. And the best part about it is, they don't have to be perfect! In fact, the more tousled, the better.

Before you begin, prep damp hair with Kerastase Styling Mousse Bouffant. This will give your hair volume and help hold your beachy waves.

After blow-drying your hair smooth, take random sections of hair and wrap around a large barrel curling iron. Make sure to curl each section away from your face, towards the back of your head. And leave about an inch of your ends out of the curling iron to give your waves a more natural look.

Once all the waves are cool, separate them out by running your fingers through them.

Flower Braid

For a pretty but super easy style, why not add a flower? A braided flower, that is. This cute hairstyle works great on medium to long length hair.

Gather sections of your hair on each side of your head at the temples. Then pull back into one ponytail at the back of your head. Secure with a hair tie.

Braid the ponytail all the way down to the ends and secure. Tug out on sections of the braid to give it more volume and interest.

Wrap the braid around into a bun and secure with bobby pins. Spray with Kerastase Styling Spray a Porter Flexible Hold Spray to give your braided flower a soft hold.

Twisted Halo

This one is also great for medium to long, straight to curly hairstyles. Needless to say, everyone can wear their halo in three easy steps.

This hairstyle looks great with straight, wavy, or curly textures. So prep for whichever one you want to wear. If you have curly hair, apply Kerastase Discipline Oleo-Curl Crème to keep your curls in check.

Twist a section of hair near your temple and pull it back to secure with a bobby pin in the middle of your head.

Twist another section of hair near the opposite temple and pull it back, tucking it behind the first section of hair. Secure with a pin and spray with Kerastase Laque Couture Medium Hold to give it a natural hold.

Effortless Curls

When you don't have time to section each piece of hair off to create curls, but you still want the same look, then these curls are for you! It honestly doesn't get any easier than this.

Prep hair for heat protection with Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique. Blow dry as normal.

Pull hair up into a high ponytail, securing with a fabric hair tie to prevent any denting an elastic tie might cause. Then split the ponytail into two sections.

Curl one section of the ponytail around a 1-inch curling iron. Hold for 10 seconds. Then repeat on the second section.

Once the curls are cool, let the ponytail down and brush your fingers through to separate the curls.

Cute Hairstyles at Home Are Possible

See? You don't need your own beauty team to get ready every morning. All it takes is the right products and know-how to get the cute hairstyles you'll love walking out the door with every day.

Ready to add even more quality hair care products to your collection? Shop our entire line for guaranteed low prices!