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Caring for Your Curls: The Top Curly Hair Care Tips

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Caring for curly hair can sometimes be tough to manage. Click here to check out this guide to learn the top curly hair care tips.

According to one study, about 65% of American women have curly hair.

With that many women having curly hair, how to take care of it should be more common knowledge.

Caring for curly hair can sometimes be tough. Check out this guide to learn the top curly hair care tips.

Know Your Curl Pattern

If you have curly hair, you may have noticed that your hair is different from your friend, who also has curly hair.

There are all kinds of different curl patterns, and if you know which one you have, it will be helpful in figuring out how to care for your hair.

Some of the popular patterns include:

  • Wavy
  • Spiral
  • Curly

If you have wavy hair, your hair may be shaped like an S. Your hair might be the one that falls in the middle between straight and curly.

The spiral curls look like springy coils. Sometimes these coils will interlock with other ones or create fun zigzag patterns near your roots.

The curly type has all kinds of different patterns to it, but the curls are normally tighter than the wavy type.

Wash Just Your Scalp

According to one study, 49% of American women wash and style their hair every day.

However, with curly hair, you may not want to deal with washing it every day. If you do want to take a shower, you should try washing just your scalp rather than all of your hair.

Rub the shampoo into your scalp to avoid drying out the ends of your curly hair. Even if you have the softest shampoo you could find, the cleansing agents in that shampoo will start to dry out your hair.

If you have curly hair, you probably don't need to (and shouldn't) wash your hair every day.

Wash Your Hair in Sections

When it does come time to wash your hair, you should try and wash it in sections. You can't just wash all of it together because this may tangle and damage your hair.

Instead of washing it all at once, try dividing it into different sections. How many sections will depend on how thick your hair is.

If you need help sectioning it off, you can always bring a clip into the shower with you. Once you're done with one section, you can start on the next one.

Be Careful When Choosing Your Shampoo

When it comes to buying shampoo, you should be picky for your curly hair.

Your curly hair can be thought of as cashmere, and you wouldn't want to wash your cashmere with the strongest detergent, would you?

THis is why you should find a mild shampoo or a shampoo that doesn't have many harsh chemicals in it. These chemicals will take the natural moisture and oils away from your curly hair, leaving it even drier.

Some people even dilute their shampoo with distilled water, but you can avoid this by buying a good shampoo to start with.

Use a Lot of Conditioner

After you use your shampoo, you will also need to use a conditioner. You should choose a great conditioner as well. However, unlike the shampoo, you should definitely use a lot of conditioning.

Try and find a conditioner that meets the needs of your hair. If your hair is naturally dry, you should find a conditioner that offers a lot of moisture for your hair. If your hair breaks all the time, you may want to find a conditioner that offers protein reconstructors to make it stronger.

To make sure that your hair gets all of the conditioner it needs, you can also condition it in sections as well.

Since you already shampooed your scalp, you shouldn't condition your scalp as well. Your hair needs the moisture more than your scalp does.

With all that said, however, you want to make sure that your curly hair isn't over-moisturize either. If you have too much moisture, it could become mushy. But if you have too much protein, your hair might become brittle and dry.

You may be able to use more conditioner one month and may not need it the next due to the time of the year, as well. Generally, in the summer, there is more humidity in the summer than the winters.

You just have to pay attention to your hair's cycle and tailor your routine to whatever your hair needs.

Know How to Brush Your Hair

After you've washed your hair, you also need to know how to brush your hair. Make sure that you don't rake through your hair, but rather, you should take your time and be gentle when brushing out tangles.

You should also get a comb that doesn't create more tangles as you comb. Buying a good quality comb will save you in the long run.

If your hair isn't wet, however, you should try and avoid brushing it. It will hurt your hair so much, and you will end up with a frizzy mess by the end of it.

Try Not to Use Too Much Heat

You should also never use heating products on your curly hair if you can help it. This includes things like curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers. These can damage and break your hair.

If you're used to using these tools, try and slowly stop using them. Letting your hair air dry is so much better than drying it with intense heat.

If you do need to use these heating tools, make sure that you spend the money and buy the best quality tools you can.

Get More Curly Hair Care Products and Tips

Curly hair care can be complicated at first as you try and figure out what is best for your hair.

Don't give up hope though! Once you figure out what works for you, your hair will feel soft and look beautiful.

If you still have questions about what products to buy for your curly hair, feel free to contact us